Adult Ministries

Weekly Services

Ephesians 4:11-13 tells us how believers are to be equipped for the work of the ministry.  Believers grow and mature spiritually as they receive regularly from the ministry gifts that Jesus gave to the church.  Among them are apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. The chief among them in terms of practical ongoing ministry is through that of the pastor.  Drawing on the gift of a true pastor is critical for the sheep to be fed, nourished, and equipped for the work God has given them.  Attending weekly services is the primary seource of ongoing ministry to both children and adults!



This is a time for adults to gather and make connections with other believers, build relationships, and be taught the Word. Currently CONNECT is held every Sunday morning at 9am and is led by various  WHC Teachers and Leaders.  Come and make a CONNECTION this week!

Covenant Keepers

Dedicated to building strong marriages, WHC provides monthly opportunities for Christian couples to gather together to fellowship and strengthen the marriage relationship.  For more specific information about meeting times and places see the web calendar.


Paducah For Christ Evangelism Team

This ministry is dedicated to empowering believers to fulfill their part in the Great Commission and to provide regular opportunites to bring Christ to those who live in the Paducah, Kentucky area.  Events are usually held monthly during the good weather months.

Women of Worth

One of our most dynamic ministries, Ladies of Grace is the women's ministry at WHC.  This ministry sponsors seasonal events, including an annual road trip to a regional women's conference.  God's Princesses has also become an annual favorite, a special time for mothers and daughters to be reminded of their value and worth.




R.A.W. stands for Real Authentic Worthwhile and is the men's ministry.  The men gather together monthly for prayer and small group time with ministry centered around the unique issues and pressures facing today's husband, father, business owner, and Christian man.  Annual events include a survival weekend.  This father and son weekend is held each fall.

Special Meetings and Seminars

WHC is blessed to be connected with some of the Body of Christ's most anointed and outstanding ministers. Throughout the year, special times are set aside to have them minister here or to travel to another location.  Most important is the annual meeting with Dr. Chris and Pastor Amber's spiritual father, Dr. Ed Dufresne and his wife Pastor Nancy Dufresne.  These are important and powerful times of ministry and impartation that we look forward to every year!



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