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Lifting Up A Standard


Experience the power and presence of God as you read the real life changing testimonies shared by members of the WHC Family!

For several years I have been dealing with nerve damage and hearing loss in both ears. (I had a tympanoplasty in the 1980s due to a ruptured eardrum). I was having much difficulty understanding certain low tones, particularly men's voices or low-toned women's voices. During a small-group session, the facilitator asked if she and the rest of the group could pray for my hearing.  I said of course, and they prayed. I began to hear MUCH better, and when I left the church that evening, I was stunned when I started the engine and the radio blared out at me. I had to turn it down at once, and I have been able to turn down the volume of the television and stereo at home by at least one third.

Praise the Lord!!  July 2009

It really does matter where you go to church.  I have experienced the evidence of that truth being revealed in my life since being at World Harvest Church of Paducah. We have a sayings list of things we are believing for our ministry and Pastor has encouraged us to have a sayings list for our personal lives as well. He has taught us to mix our faith with our sayings.  I pray over my list daily! Glory to God!  I remind the devil that the Blood of Jesus is against him and every work that he may have devised to stop the flow of God’s provision in my life, and I thank God that I have a supply and that all of my needs are met by Christ Jesus!!  I have favor with my employers, I have received unexpected bonuses and nice raises! Just recently God set me up a SWEET deal when He led me to buy my dream car!! I make a demand on my tithe as I stand on Isaiah 1:19 that says, "If you be willing and obedient you will eat the good of the land."  I am endeavoring to continue to walk this life out with faith and patience, expecting that every promise shall come to pass.  I am so blessed to have the man and woman of God that He has called to shepherd my life.  Great examples of faith and honor.

To God be the Glory!! July 2009

 I was born with back problems. As I got older, my back hurt all the time and my feet and legs got numb. In 2000, I had back surgery. A "ladder" was placed in my back and packed with donor bone and all screwed together. My back has ached every day since then. I couldn't straighten up completely. When Dr. Ed Dufresne was here, God healed my back completely! I can stand straight and I have no pain! Hallelujah! I can move without pain!

Praise the Lord!September 2008

When my husband and I came to WHC we had been separated for almost a year. We were in the process of divorce, but thanks to the prayers of many people, our family was restored. We became members and shortly after, I decided to volunteer for a helps ministry. I was eager to serve, but the problems of the past year had left me with feelings of failure, and no self-confidence. I remember thinking “I'll sign up to clean the church, because even I can't mess that up!” In the beginning, I saw this as a chance to serve while “staying under the radar.”  I intended to quietly clean, and maybe God wouldn't notice me.  What I have since learned is that what God truly desires most is intimacy with us.  He found me anyway; even cleaning the restroom. Psalm 84 speaks of the blessedness of dwelling in the House of God.  David says in verse 10: “for a day in your courts is better than ten thousand. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness.” I now look forward to my cleaning schedule, and the “quiet” times; not as a place to hide from God, but a place to meet him.  I talk with him while I work, and I know he hears, and answers.  The benefits received from serving far exceed the time spent. 

I am grateful for this opportunity!  August 2007

I have a testimony of something God has done for me. I was in great need for a large some of money. The deadline was closing in and no sign of anything. I was getting stressed  thinking of how little time I had, and  God spoke to me so sweetly, "I AM WITH YOU." Two days later I am at that deadline date and still nothing. I had been praying all month for a specific amount to come to my hand. Early that morning I had prayed to God telling him, I know he is my rock on which I stand and the scripture  that God gave me is, Isaiah 54:10, "Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed." But as I prayed, I told God if only I could have the physical embrace and told "It's going to be ok." That day I had a wonderful person tell me to come and see them before I went home from work. That person gave me the exact amount of money and with the wonderful embrace telling me, "it's all going to be ok." God had wrapped his wonderful loving arms around me through that person, and Praise Him!! My need was met, just when it looked the worst.   2007