How to Overcome the Torments of War and Thoughts of Suicide

 by Dr Chris Cody

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Listed below are some links to various resources to help and support our Military Families. A brief description is included with each link.

Semper Fidelis
Health and Wellness
We are dedicated to improving the lives of all our veterans through health and wellness, however we place a special emphasis on those who suffer from wounds and injuries, post traumatic stress disorder and other combat related illnesses, chronic pain, disease, obesity and addiction.  We believe there is no better investment of our time and resources than honoring, empowering and motivativing veterans. We are committed to providing free veterans health, care and wellness services to those we serve.
Military OneSource
Military life comes with unique challenges. At Military OneSource our goal is to provide expert information – articles, booklets, CDs, DVDs and links to other resources – on how to deal with the challenges and issues you face every day.'s free membership connects servicemembers, military families and veterans to all the benefits of service — government benefits, scholarships, discounts, lifelong friends, mentors, great stories of military life or missions, and much more. is a site for and about military families written by military family members. Our mission is to inform and support military families during the difficult time of deployment.

National Military Family Association

The National Military Family Association is an organization with strong grassroots support balanced with professionalism that makes us a leader in the field. Not only do we support military families – we are military families.


Blue Star Mothers

The purposes of the corporation shall be: to perpetuate the Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc., and the memory of all the men and women who have served our country as members of the Armed Forces.

These are just a few of the outstanding organizations that can help military members and their families. If you know of one that is not listed, send an e-mail to with the organizations information.  Thank you.


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