Baptism Service | June 5th

Let the World know you received Jesus! Sign up today to be Baptized in water on June 5th!

I Want to be Baptized in Water

Baptism is a Holy moment for the believer. It is an outward showing and proclamation of the great change that occurred on the inside of you when you were born again! Just type your name below and click submit if you would like to be Baptized at World Harvest Church.


June 5th | during our regular Sunday Service


If you are being baptized on June 5th please arrive to church in the clothes that you are wanting to be baptized in and make sure you have a towel. Pastor would like to meet with all being baptized 10 minutes before service in his office so please be sure to be at church at least 10 minutes before service.

We will be giving each person baptized a certificate to commemorate this decision and their public proclamation of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Please type your full name below along with an email and click submit so we know you are planning to be here and we can have a certificate for you.