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Harvest Festival

October 31st from 5-8pm

Event Details

Date: October 31st 2021

Time: 5-8pm

Location: World Harvest Church of Paducah

This year WHC is offering a Halloween alternative on October 31st that we're calling the Harvest Festival! We are excited to bless our community with a safe, fun, and Godly time! We will have food, games, candy, and more! Costumes are allowed as well but we are asking that they be non scary, fun costumes.

Scroll down if you'd like to help us to put on this event!

Donations Needed

We will be accepting donations in a tote in the lobby from now until the night of the event. In that tote we're asking that you drop off:

  • Candy
  • Small Bulk Toys (for prizes)
  • 2 Liters (for prizes)

Other Donations

If you were planning to donate food, for simplicity's sake for our volunteers, we are taking monies for food instead of actual food items. With that money we will buy the food in bulk and that will allow us to know exactly how much we have and make planning much easier.

If you'd like to donate toward food you can make out a check to WHC and in the memo line write Harvest Festival Food or you can fill out an offering envelope if you plan to give cash. You can drop those in the regular offering. As long as they are clearly marked they will go to the correct place!

Volunteer Help

We're needing volunteer help as well! An event like this takes a lot of planning and manpower to pull off. If you're available to help, let us know below and we can assign you to a team to help!

We are so thankful for your faithful effort and kindness to give and help to make this event a success and an outreach to our community!

Carnival Game Help

One big need we have are volunteers to be attendants at the various carnival games and blow up games that we will have on site. We will have shifts of 1 hour for each volunteer. With all of the games we're having we have 60 slots to fill that night, so if you are willing to be a game attendant for an hour that night let us know and we will plug you in!