SERVICE CANCELLATION ANNOUNCEMENT The Dr. Jacobs Meetings originally scheduled for August 7th-10th have been cancelled.

Basic Training

Discipleship Training for the Believer

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Basic Training is a course developed by Dr. Cody to help new believers to get a foundation of Basic Biblical understanding and Theology. Download the free course handbook below and start making your way through the 15 Lessons below!

Lesson 1 | The Word of God

Lesson 2 | What Happened in the Garden?

Lesson 3 | God's Plan of Salvation

Lesson 4 | The Baptism With the Holy Spirit

Lesson 5 | Communion & Water Baptism

Lesson 6 | What Faith Is (Part 1)

Lesson 7 | What Faith Is (Part 2) - Coming Soon

Lesson 8 | Healing and the Will of God (Part 1)

Lesson 9 | Healing and the Will of God (Part 2)

Lesson 10 | Understanding Righteousness - Coming Soon

Lesson 11 | Prayer that Works - Coming Soon

Lesson 12 | God's Plan for Prosperity: Sowing and Reaping - Coming Soon

Lesson 13 | Understanding Your Spiritual Enemy - Coming Soon

Lesson 14 | Developing Godly Character - Coming Soon

Lesson 15 | Eternal Judgement - Coming Soon